• In this phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) we will analyze your business to understand how you operate from day to day.
  • Through Business Analysis this understanding will help our team of Analysts find ways to make your processes more efficient so you save money and boost customer satisfaction.   
  • If you already have a specific solution in mind this phase will allow us to understand what your looking to build and how this new Technology will affect your business in the future.


  • This is the phase where your solution is designed and documented using various tools outlined in the SDLC
  • Project Management is key to delivering a designed solution on time and within the budget.  Our Project Managers will use the tools available to them in the Project Management Life Cycle and work closely with you to understand the deliverables.
  • Our Business/System Analysts will document all the Business/System Requirements which outline what the solution will do.

Brancaiva Consulting inc Analysis, Design, Implementation, Maintenance


  • Once all documentation is in place our developers and testers will build and test your application solution.
  • Developers will work from the System Requirements to build your application and perform unit testing.
  • Testing Analysts will rigorously test the new code to ensure it meets the requirements outlined in the documentation.


  • Once your application solution has been fully developed and tested it will be deployed to a Production Region where you can begin using it on a day to day basis.
  • Training on the new application or process will help your staff understand it's potential and harness it's power to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Support Analysts can assist you with any Production Support issues or questions your staff may have while using the new application. 

Here is a description of the types of services Brancaiva Consulting offers.  Whether your looking to fill a specific position in your company or if your looking for a team to build you a new technology solution give us a call and we will help!! business analysis, Brancaiva Consulting Inc analysis, design, implementation, maintenance